An Herbivores Guide To Interesting Eats

Being in New Zealand and being someone that has solemnly sworn off of meat and seafood seems like a tough thing to do. Whether you are visiting or a resident, you may think that it will be difficult to find interesting food to eat around town. However, you have been misinformed – there are plenty of ways to feed your leafy green appetite without rotating around the same three dishes every day. Lucky for you, the below mentioned tips and tricks work wonders in that regard.

Cooking at Home

If you live in New Zealand, there is no problem for you when it comes to getting your hand on fresh produce, vegetables and green leaves. The difficult thing, you may think, is staying away from the poultry and meat and sticking with the greens. To help you get this going, consult the wisest authority that you can get your hands on i.e. the internet. Online, you will be able to find varieties of recipes for reinventing one “boring” dish and making it something extravagant. Use these with a free hand to make your dinners and lunches exciting! 


Eating Out
When you decide you want to step things up and dare to be different, you can always find a fix. Finding an affordable and equally satisfying vegetarian restaurant Auckland is not difficult. Again, you can look online or around town as well to find places to fit your mould. There are plenty of vegan options as well, and you will find that the places are very flexible and are willing to adapt to your preferences. These places are also very classy and offer benefits for parking, gift cards and more. The chances are great that you will find your future food home and will keep returning there when you need someone else to cook for you.

The advantage of being in a minority is the sense of community that you are able to build up with others that share your preferences. You can easily find a group of people to hang out with and try new dishes every week, thus making sure that your company is not disappointed in your decision to not go with the meat option. That sort of thing is rare – take advantage of it and it will benefit your taste buds as well!

People may make it seem like the end of an easy world, but not eating meat or fish does not mean you have to forgo a good life or a good dining experience. Know what to do and you will prosper and live easy!