Plan The Perfect Family Gathering

A family gathering coming up? Are you planning a perfect day for all your family members to spend, share all the fun stories and catch up? Read these tips to plan a perfect family reunion

Organizing committee

Your reunion will probably have many guests coming over. There will be so much to take care of and it can be hectic; making calls, planning entertainment events, preparing food and setting up a location where all of your extended family can fit into. The first step should be to have an organizing committee of around four to five members and assign each of them one task to take care of.


Decide a place for all the members to gather. Is it going to be a small gathering? Then, the house of one of the relatives will probably be enough with some rented equipment such as extra chairs/ tables. If it is going to be a larger crowd and if you don’t mind spending some money, look up for function venues and select a place that can host a larger crowd.

Inviting relatives

Inform all the family members beforehand in order to fix a date that is convenient for all of you. Create a poll, make a chat group or anything that is easy for the organizers to get confirmation of the participation. Once everything else is all planned out, send the final invitations via post, or the easier way – email.


Create a list of food items that you will be needing. The easier and the cheaper way is to assign each of the relatives to bring the food needed. However, if you’re hoping to have it in a more extravagant way, make a reservation in a restaurant or order food. Instead of turning to your usual restaurant look up for new places. Search for Thai food serving places, Chinese restaurants or Italian lunch restaurants for a new experience.


Your gathering will have members of all ages. While a football match or a volleyball match will sound perfect for the kids try to also have games like scrabble or monopoly for the adults. Having a movie time with all the members or watching a game can be entertaining for everyone alike. Games and other activities depend on the venue as well. If your venue is an outside place, check with the staff of the venue and see the activities that can be arranged. Instead of going for a traditional reunion, try to make the day more entertaining. These tips will help you to add more adventure and make it fun for all your relatives.